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Eco Wave

"Waste and Live"

Our History

Our vision and mission

Ecological awareness and caring for the environment are the foundations of the company's philosophy. Aware of the consequences of the use of plastics, Eco Wave SA understands the value of ecology in modern consumer society.


The quality offered and the systematic provision of services, as well as the well-trained staff go hand in hand with the company's ideology.


The vision of Eco Wave SA focuses on the production of as many biodegradable products as possible, while at the social level it ensures the dissemination of the ecological beliefs it represents.

Our clients 

Our product is aimed at a specific segment of the overall market, characterized by buyers with a strong ecological awareness that can offer high quality services, satisfying even the most demanding consumers in the field of medicine, aesthetics, physical well-being and mental health.

Our company, Eco Wave SA, was founded and operates in Thessaloniki since October 2019. In addition to achieving the institutional and operational goals that constitute the main reason for the establishment of any for-profit organization, the company is distinguished for its exceptional sensitivity. towards the ecological environment which is an integral part of the code "Operational Ethics". Based on this principle, we are active in the field of tertiary sector, importing from the Italian company NOVAMONT, the raw material, Mater-Bi, from which our biodegradable product is manufactured.


Raw material

The raw material, the biopolymer "MATER-BI", is a composition of plant raw materials, starch, corn and vegetable oils.

"Mater-Bi" is the innovative family of biodegradable and fertilized bioplastics, which took more than twenty-five years of research to produce.

Its goal: to provide solutions to specific environmental problems by combining product performance with the efficient use of natural resources.



Our "Bio-veil" product is a pioneering paper roll that is placed on the beds of private clinics, medical centers and clinics, physiotherapy centers and even those of beauty salons with wide use.


Its difference from other classic rolls lies in the fact that its plastic waterproof bottom is made of plant raw materials such as starch, wheat and cellulose pulp (Mater-Bi).


These special ingredients make it completely environmentally friendly because after use it can be placed in any waste collection bin, even those with non-recyclable items.

In case it is thrown in landfills, it becomes one with the soil, that is, it is transformed into an organic substance. Eco-Wave hopes that by selling and distributing this product it will help protect the environment from the toxic residues that threaten it, while at the same time it will be an example to imitate for other companies that have not yet fully formed its feeling. social responsibility towards the environment.


Our News

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